“I woke up. Went to the streets. People in fear. Everything that I value is vulnerable now. People call me, I hear their concern. They already call him the new prime minister. Will I be deported, they ask me.

What does the election tell me? Wilders. He is anti-migration, he is against human rights, he is against any basic decent approach to people in need, to people that had to flee. Nobody leaves home without a reason. I fled, migrated to the Netherlands. I came here for safety.

I feel hunted now. But I resist. There is never peace in my life to reach the feelings that I have as a woman. Now Wilders and his followers are blocking this even more. I wonder if they know. Iwant to love, I want to be loved, just like any other human being. But I feel hated now by him, by the people that voted for him. Should I hide? No.

I am not an invisible person, nor a ghost citizen in your country. I am here, like many other undocumented people. We work here, live here. We contribute. I demand to be represented because of this, here in the Netherlands. Right Now. Don’t break down everything we fought for. We are the unity.

I want my say, I demand to be represented, also at a local level. Yes, We are acknowledged, but we want full participation. We do our part in society. We live together. Amsterdam: break loose, City Rights!

We are now the victims of people that voted against me, without even knowing me.  If I would have a chance to vote, I would have voted for humane. Now I am dependent on others. And I want my rights as a human!

I don’t want to be here, it is about situations and circumstances that force me to leave my country. But now I am here, and I am here to stay. In safety!

Amsterdam. It is time for City Rights.

Resist, Regroup. We are a Sanctuary City. We want to work together. We are a community and I want to vote for parties that resonates with my community and my allies.

We are all here. This person is not our premier, he does not represent us all here. People that exclude us, threaten us, want to stop our culture of diversity, disrespect me for what I believe and stand for!!

We are you. We want collective action. Unite. We cannot solve it alone. Not only Wilders can decide for us. It is a collective effort.  I am not going to give up. I dedicate my life to speaking out. So should you. This is new fight. With new strategies. We will get through this together. I am calling for unity and togetherness – across the movements. We have been through a lot.  Together we will become stronger. So show support to migrant movements now!”